Safety measures at Samaria Gorge examined

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Following the injuries sustained by a 14 year-old boy, who is recovering in the hospital, from falling rocks in Crete’s Samaria Gorge, authorities said that tourist hikers may be given hard hats to protect them while walking through one of most popular tourist attractions of the island.
The unnamed Austrian teenager’s health is improving after being struck on the head by a falling rock doctors in Chania confirmed. Surgeons who operated upon the boy said he was not out of danger yet. This incident follows the accident in which a Frenchman was fatally hit by falling rocks at the same spot in Samaria.
The head of the forestry services, responsible for the management and maintenance of the national park in southwest Crete where the 18 kilometer-long gorge lies, said that safety measures may be put into place.
Authorities would attempt to divert tourists from areas of the gorge were falling rocks have been reported said Vassilis Kassotakis. Also, the forestry service is looking into the option of distributing hard hats to visitors for additional safety.