Chania Karavitakis Winery in Pontikiana

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Location: Pontikiana

Located in the Pontikiana village, just a 30-minute drive from Chania Town, this winery carries on an over 80-year-long family tradition in winemaking. Taking it one step further, Manolis Karavitakis has established state-of-the-art installations, using the latest cultivation methods and sophisticated equipment to create wines that can compete internationally.

Experimenting with Cretan as well as rare varieties from all over the world, the estate produces wines that can satisfy every taste. What makes them stand out is the low yield per stremma, which has been proven to be directly associated with superior quality, along with the organic farming methods followed. Each and every wine is imbued not only with the distinctive features of the terroir but also with the great and constant care that goes into its production.

What is more, it boasts 2 wine tasting areas and offers guided tours in which you can sample the wines and see the grounds. A beautiful chapel dedicated to Saint Tryphon, the patron of winemakers, adds a unique note to the tour, nestled as it is among the vines.



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