Chania Ababa Bar in Town

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Location: Town

Ababa is a café/bar in the Old Town of Chania, a hub for locals who want to relax and enjoy a night out with their friends. It is an eccentric space in the heart of Chania that won over locals with its extravagant decor and friendly service.

Its space was inspired by its creator’s love of toys. He has stated that his nostalgia for his childhood was what pushed him to give Ababa its unique look. For this reason, you can see several old toys on its walls, as well as colorful tables and chairs that are accompanied by a collection of paintings created by Ababa’s originator.

Ababa operates both as a cafe and a bar. In the morning, you can enjoy a nice coffee or traditional beverage paired with local delicacies in the graphic alleyway of the establishment or in its colorful interior. You can also play a number of old and modern board games with your group of friends, or read a book, while you relax. At night, Ababa has a different atmosphere. Vibrant conversations and premium cocktails, often mixed with local products, are what define the small bar. Across the establishment, you can also see a small painting gallery with work from Ababa’s creator.



Good For

  • Special occasions
  • Families with children
  • Kids
  • Large groups

Extra Features

  • Art Space
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Reservations



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