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Very Decent
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Category: Kythira General

I wrote separate reviews for all the beaches, villages and sightseeing points I visited. Here, I would just like to add beaches not listed on Greeka, which I find worth visiting, and add some pros and cons of Kythira.

- Tens of beaches to visit. You can go to 2 different beaches every single day. The other thing is whether they are all great or not.
- Extremely peaceful. This will go into cons as well, but for pros - quiet time at the beach, nice and relaxed sleeping.
- Easy to get from Athens (I didn't understand the negative comment saying it's difficult, because the planes are regular).
- Sort of, sort of "mostly asphalt" roads. This is, on the other hand, also the biggest con.
- Very clean. Just that, the end. No garbage, the water and the beaches are clean. The island as well.
- People and residents are nice.

- The roads. They are mostly asphalt, but also extremely narrow and dangerous, because Kythira roads are turn after turn after turn.This will leave a tourist in shock, but on the other hand, no tourist is driving fast and this saves the day. Expect having to stop many times for the car from the other direction to pass. Just drive very slowly, be attentive and you won't find this a con.
- Most wild beaches are pebbled. City beaches are mostly sandy, but I don't go to city beaches. Again, this is not really a con. Just take some swimming shoes with you, and you'll be fine.
-If you go in September, you can expect pretty much "dead" island. To be clear, I looooove peace and silence and go just to such places where I will be on quiet beach and be able to sleep at night. However, when I go out at night (and I'm not talking about clubbing, no interest in that, I'm talking about a stroll at 8 p.m. and a dinner in the restaurant), I expect to see people strolling the streets and enjoying. I hope not to sit alone in a restaurant with 100 tables, sourounded by deadly silence. I want to see people enjoying the island. And it was deadly dead during night in September. Chora was a ghost town. Agia Pelagia and Livadi are better. So, I think it's better going during summer or I hope more people will visit in September. :)

For the end, I want to suggest visiting Melidoni and Fournoi beach, because we had the nicest time there. They are sandy and very pleasant. Be careful about Kaladi, which is wonderful, but dangerous to access, and each year there are tens of broken legs.

alexis wrote on Oct 24, 2016

Great review! Thanks much for the update!


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Category: Kythira Sightseeing > Cave of Agia Sofia

There are three caves of Agia Sofia on the island, but the cave near Mylopotamos is certainly the best. It is a very large cave and it is a wonderful experience visiting it.
The guide narrates extremely interesting stories (historical and legends), and there is no chance you could get out not amused.

Pay attention if you go in September, due to changes in working hours (not working every day).
And pay really really big attention on the road. It is asphalt, but very dangerous. Many turns, very narrow, and the very end can be tricky - the road ends just behind the turn. If you are fast, you are flying into the abyss.


Kythira's Gold
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Category: Kythira Sightseeing > Castle of Chora

Castle of Chora is what makes Kythira look representative. It's position and view over the port make it a remarkable experience. There are also informative panels on the location to get you a little bit of history.


Small and Informative
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Category: Kythira Museums > Archaeological Museum

The archaeological museum is located at the very entrance to Chora, on the left, so you cannot miss it.
It is very small but very informative and fully equipped with interactive touch screens, films and descriptions, everything provided in English as well.
Very nice experience.

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Category: Santorini General

Day trip from cruise. Wanted to take cable car, go to Oia then visit Santo Winery.
Cable car was straightforward. At the top no tourist information or anyone at all interested in showing us where taxi or buses were. Eventually found a house owner to tell us the way to the taxi rank. Still no tourist information. Taxi rank had 2 taxis and only 1 wanted to take our first group to Oia. Had to wait 15 minutes till another taxi arrived who agreed to take the rest of our party. 30 minutes between Fira and Oia. Dropped us in a small square and was told this was the only pick up point for both taxis and buses. Still no tourist information. Was given instructions by taxi driver on where the blue domes buildings were. I counted 6 in total, definitely not how it is shown on to and magazines. Streets smelly, tight and uneven. Back at square no taxis or buses. The taxi come bus hut had no one or even time tables. Called the taxi number and rang out every time. By luck a minibus driver offered to take us back to Fira and bus station. He informed us

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Hidden gem at small beach
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Category: Halki General

Decided to take a boat to the lovely little island of Halki from Rhodes.
The boat goes 2 times a week on a Tuesday and Thursday leaving at 08:30 and returning 17:00 hours.
The trip takes around an hour and ten minutes.
Once arrived we looked around at the nice village with ever so friendly people.
The church was very nice and also the traditional house was interesting to see, especially the first fridge without electricity !
After wandering through the little streets we decided to go to Pondamos beach where we found Nick's Taverna. A hidden gem at a small beach with fantastic views. Very friendly people and great fresh food !
We first had an late breakfast and after some more site seeing we als decided to have lunch.
We had fresh calamari with tzatziki,cheeseballs,great salate and our favorite vegetarian keftedes made from chickpeas.
Our greek friend had a fish mix - it is a good plate for 2 persons, it had octopus grilled, local small shrimps, calamari and fish fillet and the portions were more then enough.
Fresh lobster menu and other fresh fish is recommended and if you cannot decide Akis can give you excellent advise on what to order.
Below the taverna is a very nice bar where Irina serves you all the drinks you want with an ever so friendly smile !
Price/quality : Excellent.
The view is breath taking so close to the sea and its only a short walk from the harbor.
Back at the harbor there are enough taverna's to have a drink and wait for the boat to take you back.
We are planning to go back in September as we fall in love with this hidden gem and their good food.


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Category: Naxos Restaurants > Il Girasole

Naxos has the best restaurants in Greece, I'm pretty sure. When you start checking all of them in the port, at the end you won't know which one was the best, because the food is absolutely marvelous in most of them. They are all elegant, with organic food, majestic, with greatly looking dishes and plates.

As far as I remember, my best meal was exactly in this restaurant, Il Girasole. I was beyond content with my pasta, and my boyfriend was super-content with his meat and other things he ordered. Everything had perfect taste, looked perfect, we had big portions, and the service was on top- the girl that served was warm, happy, polite, optimistic and very nice. Warm recommendation.


The best Greek island
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Category: Naxos General

Before my trip to Naxos, I would never ever even think about going there. Although big, I had no info or idea about this island.
What a surprise it was when I went there! Nice beaches, tons of landmarks to visit, beautiful town and some other villages, wonderful, absolutely wonderful people, and, what I really liked the most, Naxos is like a country-island. It's a complete functioning system!

What I liked the most? The food. Why? Because it's "organic". They produce fruits, vegetables, have cattle and sheep all over the island (you can smell it when you drive), so you get their natural milk in your ice cream, great Naxos potatoes, salads.... everything is local, fresh, healthy and great!
I recommend you to first visit Naxos, and then all the other islands in Greece.

Wonderful port, nice walks, nice weather....

You can rent car for cheap and off for adventure :)

Naxos town is probably the most beautiful Cycladic town, at least for me. We had immense walks and never got tired.


Naxos landmark
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Category: Naxos Sightseeing > Portara

Portara gives Naxos a mysterious, dreamy and ancient touch. You look at it from the town, standing alone on the hill, and walk there through a stone path on which the waves crash from all sides. View from the top of the hill is magnificent, and not only Naxos town, but also the sunset and, on first place for me, waves crashing and spending itself all around.
Small warning: be careful if you decide to walk to Portara during night, because there is no light on the road, and you may get splashed by big waves, because you cannot see them.


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Category: Naxos Sightseeing > Kastro

I was completely stunned by Naxos, and I can say the same for its fortification part. The complete old town is beautiful, ancient, funny, strange, magnificent and original. I could walk here for ages.
Nice tower, nice surroundings, nice museums, streets, houses... Everything is stunning!

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