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    Kalymnos is located on the northern side of Dodecanese and close to the Turkish coasts. This island distinguishes for the wild rocky mountains, which is why it has developed as a rock climbing destination over the last years. In fact, an International Climbing Festival takes place in Kalymnos island every September. In the past, the locals used to make their living from sponge fishing. Although this activity has declined today, there are many sponge sellers at the beachfront of Pothia, the capital of the island. The beach resorts in Kalymnos Greece are nice and relaxing, while during your Kalymnos holidays you should not miss a day trip to the small island of Telendos, a popular nudist destination.

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    Travel guide to Kalymnos, Greece

    Kalymnos island holidays guide

    Kalymnos is a relaxing family island with strong character. This place distinguishes for the picturesque architecture, the long tradition in sponge diving and the impressive rocks ideal for climbing. In fact, over the last years, rock climbing has largely developed on the island and even a climbing festival takes place there in autumn. Very popular places for climbing are the mountains on the northern side of Kalymnos and on the neighboring island of Telendos. Holidays in Kalymnos can be combined with other islands of Dodecanese, like Kos, Leros or Patmos.

    General information

    Have a look on the travel guide that we have prepared for Kalymnos island and see the most important beaches, villages, museums and sights to see. Also through our large collection of photos, videos and our detailed maps to get a better understanding of the location.

    Things to see and do

    Kalymnos sponges

    The island of Kalymnos, in Greece, is one of the Greek islands of the Aegean Sea and it belongs to the Dodecanese islands group. Kalymnos island is an island with relaxing atmosphere and many interesting sightseeing. Over the last years, Kalymnos has developed as a rock climbing destination due to the wild mountains in the inland. There are many climbing clubs to offer courses and the neighbouring island of Telendos and also there is an International Climbing Festival taking place there every September.

    Kalymnos island is also a great place for beach holidays. The most popular beach resorts are found on the western side of the island, including Myrties, Kantouni and Emporios. They have crystal beaches and many tourist facilities. Sightseeing also includes a day trip to the island of Telendos with the naturist beaches and the secluded atmosphere. Do not also miss a visit to the Monastery of Agios Savvas with incredible view to Pothia Town and the Aegean Sea.

    Organize your holidays

    Organize your Kalymnos holidays through our travel services: see the hotels we suggest, book your ferry tickets to Kalymnos and check our island hopping packages that include this island.


    Hotels in Kalymnos

    The majority of hotels in Kalymnos are concentrated in the beaches on the western side of the island. Myrties is the most popular settlement, with many family hotels and traditional studios within walking distance from the beach. The beaches of Massouri and Kantouni are also well-organized with all the necessary facilities for your holidays in Kalymnos. Small seaside hotels, traditional studios and apartments line up these beaches. Although most accommodations are simple, some also have luxurious facilities, including pools and spa treatments.

    Highlights in Kalymnos

    Picturesque town of Pothia
    Pothia is the capital town and main port of Kalymnos. This is a picturesque place with earthy colours and surrounded by wild landscape. This town has long tradition in sponge diving.
    Relaxing beach of Myrties
    Myrties is a tourist organized village in Kalymnos with relaxing atmosphere. Right in front of the village, there is a large crystal beach with soft pebbles.
    Rock climbing holidays in Kalymnos
    Over the last years, rock climbing is gradually developed in Kalymnos, particularly in mountains on the northern side of the island and in Telendos. A large climbing festival takes place in autumn.
    Secluded island of Telendos
    From the port of Myrties, you can take the boat to the secluded island of Telendos. Very few people live there permanently, but day visitors are many in summer. Telendos island is popular for naturism.
    Sandy beach of Emporios
    Located on the western side of Kalymnos, Emporios is among the most beautiful beaches on the island. It has an organized and a secluded part.
    Panoramic view from Agios Savvas Monastery
    Located on a hill above Pothia Town, the Monastery of Agios Savvas offers great view to the island and the sea. This is the protector saint of the island.
    Sponge tradition in Kalymnos
    Kalymnos has a long tradition in sponge diving. Although this tradition has largely vanished today, some sponge divers continue to fish and sell natural sponges.
    Interesting exhibits at Folklore Museum
    In close distance to Pothia Town, there is an interesting folklore museum with a large collection of folk items, traditional furniture and old photographs.

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