Biking Island tour: Central Aegean (8 days)

Departure: Bodrum (Turkey)
Duration: 8 Days
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General Description

On a comfortable Turkish gulet and by bicycle we explore the sun islands of the Greek Aegean. The islands are a magical and mythical world filled with historical monuments and an abundance of stories. Come with us on a voyage of discovery and experience the Aegean from a special perspective, namely, by land and by sea. Relax while swimming in idyllic bays, enjoy the fabulous vistas, and walk in the footsteps of a turbulent, glorious past. Let us take you to the ancient Asclepion where Hippocrates, the famous physician, practiced his art. Enjoy the peaceful and lovely island of Lipsi and dive into the atmosphere of the holy island of Patmos. Get astonished by the unique panoramic views which are offered during the cycle tours.

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Description of the package

Day 1

Embarkation in Bodrum and Dinner on board

  • Individual arrival to Bodrum port/Turkey.
  • Collective transfers from Bodrum airport to Bodrum port are available at an extra cost and on request.
  • After checking in at 2 pm on the Gulet, we have the opportunity to explore the interesting old part of the town and the port.
  • Dinner on board.
  • Often, the last participants arrive only late in the evening.


Day 2

Kos Island (Cycle route approx. 15 mi./25 km)

  • In the morning we cross over to Kos.
  • The first cycling trip begins here after lunch and leads us to the Embros thermal spring, where we have the opportunity to have our first swim in the Aegean.
  • We spend the evening in Kos, the lively capital of the island.
  • On a tour through the town, we come with each step across traces of the island’s great past.
  • The Roman forum, the fortress of the Knights of St. John, and the mosques from the time when Kos was part of the Ottoman Empire stand shoulder to shoulder.
  • We can end the evening relaxing in one of the town’s numerous bars and cafes.

Things to see & do in Kos:
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Day 3

Leros Island (Cycle route approx. 15 mi./25 km)

  • In the morning we have a longer cruise to the varied and green island of Leros with its small harbors.
  • Our cycling tour leads us to the fort of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem in Agia Marina and into the small alleys of the town. Passing the idyllic harbor of the town we cycle on to the seaside chapel of Agios Isidoros, in which many couples get married.
  • Following the sea, we reach a beautiful sandy beach where we may stop for a swim or a coffee.
  • In the afternoon we cross over to the island of Patmos.
    Its snow-white upper town and its towering monastery can be seen from afar already.
  • Dinner takes place on board.

Things to see & do in Leros:
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Day 4

Islands of Patmos and Lipsi (Cycle route approx. 10 + 6 mi./16 + 10 km)

  • On a short panoramic cycle tour, we visit Patmos and its grotto.
    It is said that St. John received the Apocalypse during his captivity here.
  • The world-famous monastery of St. John of Chora is found in a village with numerous white alleys, as well as 34 churches and chapels radiating heavenly peace.
  • After a visit, we cycle along the coast until we reach the port.
  • We meet the boat for lunch and cruise on to Lipsi.
  • In the late afternoon, we explore Lipsi by bicycle, taking us almost around the whole island.
  • Do not miss to visit the legendary pastry shop at the port!

Things to see & do in Patmos:
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Day 5

Kalymnos Island (Cycle route approx. 19 mi./30 km)

  • Early in the morning, we cross over to Kalymnos where we start cycling from the port of Vathy through a surprisingly green valley.
  • A mountain pass leads us eventually to the other side of the island where we have lunch at a beautiful beach before heading to the main village of Pothia.
  • In the afternoon we have enough time to explore Pothia and its old town on foot.
  • One can clearly realize the influence of the sponge diving wealth on its inhabitants.
  • Dinner on board.

Things to see & do in Kalymnos:
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Day 6

Kos Island (Cycle route approx. 25 mi./ 40 km)

  • In the early morning, the boat takes us to Mastichari of Kos.
  • Today our daily tour takes us through varied landscapes, mostly along the coast and partly through the impressive mountains of Kos to the same-named island’s capital.
  • Along the way, we stop for a longer lunch break in the old Greek mountain village of Zia.
  • On our way to Kos Town, we will visit the world-famous archaeological excavation site of the Asclepion, where Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, and later on also some personal physicians of the Roman emperors did practice.
  • After dinner on board, you may explore the bustling town of Kos once more on your own.


Day 7

Kos Island (Cycle route approx. 9 mi./15 km)

  • In the morning we take a short cycling trip to the western archaeological excavations of Kos town and we will visit the ancient agora as well as the Odeon.
  • Later on, we cycle to a beautiful beach, where the Mediterranean Sea invites us again for a refreshing swim.
  • After lunch ashore, we enjoy our last cruise aboard until we reach Bodrum.
  • Here, you can once more go for a walk through the lively and oriental old town of Bodrum with its impressive castle of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem and the remains of the famous Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.


Day 8

Individual trip to home or extended stay

  • Breakfast.
  • Disembarkation and individual trip home or extended stay.



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