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Zante Ferries (also known as ANMEZ) was established in 1991 on Zakynthos Island.
Its fleet consists of two conventional vessels that connect the Greek mainland with the Western Cyclades and the Northeastern Aegean Islands.

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Zante Ferries operates routes to some islands of the Cyclades from Piraeus Port and routes to two of the Northeastern Aegean Islands from the port of Alexandroupolis.
More specifically, the company's domestic destinations include:


Fleet and routes

Two conventional ferries make up the company's fleet.

► DIONYSIOS SOLOMOS can transfer 1.050 passengers and 360 vehicles.

► ADAMANTIOS KORAIS can transfer 1.040 passengers and 350 vehicles.

Economy seats are available on the deck and in some interior lounges. Airline-type seats are also available, as well as business-class seats. The ships also offer cabins of various categories, all with air-conditioning, ample space for storage, and a shower.
Their amenities comprise interior lounges, open decks, an outside snack bar, a shopping area, and kennels.


Check-in and discounts

The company offers online booking and web check-in for all itineraries.

Additionally, it offers special discounts to students, people with disabilities, and children. 



The company's headquarters lie at 72 Lomvardou Street, Zakynthos.
In addition, travelers can refer to one of the three central port agencies, found at the ports of Piraeus, Alexandroupolis, and Samothrace.

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