Goutos Lines

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With over 50 years of experience in coastal shipping, Goutos Lines is a dynamic and innovative ferry company connecting the port of Lavrion with the beautiful Cycladic islands of Kea (Tzia) and Kythnos.

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The ferry Macedon of Goutos line in the port of Kea

Macedon in Kea port

Goutos Lines is a small company that operates routes between Lavrio Port in Attica and the Cycladic islands of Kea and Kythnos.

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Fleet and routes

Cars entering the ferry Macedon of Goutos line in the port of Kea

Macedon in Kea port

The company’s fleet consists of one ferry.
Macedon is a conventional ferry, capable of transferring up to 713 passengers and 131 vehicles. The vessel offers only economy seats.
Its amenities include air conditioning, a snack bar, a deck area, an indoor lounge, and a special space for pet-keeping.


Check-in, discounts, and the Red Miles Club

The company offers online reservations and web check-in for every itinerary. You can collect your tickets from the company’s central port agencies or receive them in electronic form (e-ticket). In the first case, you can collect your tickets at least 1 hour before the scheduled departure time, while, in the second case, web check-in is available 48-2 hours prior to departure.

Goutos Lines offers a 50% discount to children aged between 5 and 10 years, students, and disabled people. Infants up to the age of 5 can travel for free.

In addition, the company has established the Red Miles Club which offers loyal customers extra discounts.



Goutos Lines collaborates with a series of travel agencies. The central agencies can be found in the ports of Lavrion, Kea and Kythnos, while other agencies are located throughout the city of Athens.

Official Website: www.goutoslines.gr