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Makrinitsa village Pelion: Visitors who will have the lick to visit Makrinitsa will be amazed by its unique beauty and will never want to leave this dreamy place. The village of Makrinista is a pure jewel hanging on the side of the amazingly green mountain. It is divided in two settlement, Koukourava and Moutsara, only 500m one from another.

Makrinitsa is known as the noble village, because it was mostly inhabited by wealthy people. This is why most of the houses in Makrinitsa are noble mansions, very richly decorated. The village is also known as the balcony of Pelion because of its amazing view due to its location (630m above the sea).

The houses have decorated tall walls and window, work of the folk-artists of the region. All the climbing streets of Makrinitsa are stone paved and lead to a beautiful large square, shadowed by tall plane trees. The square has a cafeterias, a lovely church dedicated to Agios Ioannis Prodromos and a carved marble fountain, built around 1809 and whose crystal clear waters are called Immortal Water.

The whole place offers tranquility, natural beauty and peace. In Makrinitsa, visitor can visit many beautiful churches and basilica as well as the Folklore Museum which has a wonderful collection of rare objects and mementos.

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Museum of Folk ArtChurch of Panagia

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3 Reviews
  • s_wu 05 Feb 2010
    Balcony to the sea
    Unfortunately we went to Pelion only for one day. We had heard a lot about how beautiful this area is, but we didn't have many days to explore it cause next day we would take the ferry to Skiathos. So, only one day at our disposal, we took the bus from Volos to Makrinitsa. We were told that this was one of the most beautiful villages of Pelionand in a short trip from Volos.

    Indeed, the bus ride took less than an hour. The bus left us outside the village because vehicles are not allowed to enter this traditional village. There is a big parking space for cars outside the village. Entering the village, there were open markets with jams and fruit on both sides of the road and I liked that even hotels had maintained the traditional architecture. Most houses were two or three floors tall, made of stone and wood and no balconies (unusual for Greece!!).

    All paths were paved and the square gave the most incredible view I have seen for years. "The balcony of Volos" I had read on a brochure and it was truly a fascinating view to see the town and the port of Volos, the fifth largest town in Greece, at your feet. I haven't seen any other village of Pelion but I tell you this, that Makrinitsa is one of the best mountainous places I have been in Greece. Wish to come back one day and see the rest of Pelion.
  • laurrench 09 Apr 2009
    Have trainers for the slippery paths
    I spent a weekend at Makrinitsa, Pelion, last Christmas and really enjoyed the area. I am happy I chose a hotel in Makrinitsa, as it had great views to the port of Volos and the village itself was very picturesque. Have your trainers with you because paths are very stoney and may be slippery if it rains. Have your hot Greek coffee at the cafeterias in the square in the morning and then explore the other beautiful villages of the mountain. The ancient Greeks believed that Pelion was the residence of the Centars, some strange creatures half man half horse. The ski centre (in the area Agriolefkes) was very crowded and not that well organized. I wanted to try skiing but there were not enough equipment to rent :((
  • glenta45 28 May 2008
    Stay in a mansion
    For me, Makrinitsa is the most picturesque village of Pelion. I loved its narrow paths, although some of them were difficult to climb. The view of Volos city and the sea from the square of the village is something increadible. The road to Makrinitsa is very comfortable. If you go in winter, stay in a traditional mansion. You will have the experience of a lifetime with the fireplace burning day and night and the snow-covered slopes out of your window.