Pelion Mansions

The Mansions of Pelion, in Thessaly: The architecture of Pelion is particularly known for its elegant mansions, which are found in almost every village of this mountainous peninsula. These classic mansions began as fortress styled and soon took on some Neoclassical form. They usually have three storeys and date back from the 17th century. Today, most of these mansions have been restored and converted into hotels or folklore museums.

The mansions that belonged to the wealthier families were fortified to be protected by the enemies. For example, an old mansion in Vizitsa village contains a pipe which runs from the kitchen to the entrance. This pipe was used to pour hot, boiling oil over any attackers who might try to take over the mansion. Such precautions add a very unique character to the picturesque mansions of Pelion.

Most of the mansions of Pelion survive for over 300 years old. They are made of stone and wood and usually, they have balconies only on the upper floor, or they didn't have balconies at all. Most of them are built amphitheatrically on the slopes of hills, so they have incredible views to mountainsides and the sea. The most characteristic mansions of Pelion are found in Makrinitsa, Portaria, Vizitsa, and Tsagarada.