Pelion Herbs and Teas

Herbs and Teas of Pelion in Greece: Mount Pelion is a thickly forested and fertile area, widely known for its vibrant plant life and diverse biotopes. The land of Pelion is blessed with rare medicinal plants and herbs and sustains a wide variety of flora and fauna. Most of the locals have great knowledge of the rare plants growing in the mountains, as they used them extensively for therapeutic and other purposes. Important heroes of Greek mythology, like the strange creature Centaur and the god of medicine Asclepius, lived there.

In older times, people flocked to this area seeking cures for various ailments. On the Mediterranean shrub-lands that cover the lower altitudes of this mountainous region are seen many aromatic and pharmaceutical plants growing in the wild fields. Plants like the Greek sage (Salvia fruticosa), thyme (Thymus spp.) and the Greek Mountain Tea (Sideritis spp.) are found in abundance in this region.

Just above the shrub-land at middle altitude are the Mediterranean broad-leaved deciduous zones where the oak and the chestnut forests and above this region is the beech forest at higher altitudes. These forests provide vital undergrowth for many of the medicinal plants to grow.

The land of Pelion includes a plethora of herbs and plants like the sword-leaved helleborine, woodland strawberry, mistle thrush, red deadnettle, ranunculus acris, cistus ctericus, white willow, wild carnation, common vetch, Spanish broom, cyclamens, anemone, yellow crocus, apple tree, vinca minor, etc.

An abundance of wild medicinal plants and herbs are still seen growing among the wildflowers that embellish the slopes of Pelion. Hundreds of studies are still made for the attributes of Pelion herbs and plants. According to a recent study, Mount Pelion has listed a total of 225 species, representing 77 families. The most known plant that grows in Pelion is the Greek mountain tea, which is reputed to be good for skin, teeth, metabolism, and digestion. It is also used as an anti-inflammatory drug for maintaining respiratory health and it is believed to help the immune system.