Holistic holidays in an alternative place

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Kalikalos Alternative Holistic Holidays was created in 2001 by a group of Findhorn community members headed by Jock Millenson. This team introduced an affordable way of holidays where visitors can grasp numerous activities in a holistic environment. After a long period of efforts in searching a place to settle down, they finally found Anilio and Kissos, two villages in Pelion located close to each other. Kalikalos offers retreat holidays with numerous workshops and various activities. The workshops fall into four categories: healing (self, society & planet), relationship dynamics including interpersonal communication, personal creative, e.g. painting, drawing, mountain climbing or vegetarian cookery and self enquiry, like Vipassana meditation and Satsangs with spiritual teachers. Jock Millenson talked to Greeka about the projects and the vision of Kalikalos. "Our vision focuses on the development of new models of living, working and communicating according to the holistic philosophy that allows each individual to act with total honesty, openness and sharing. It is important to understand the materialistic impact on our lives that causes negative emotions in cultures around the world. We are strongly interested in practices and activities that pertain a substantial meaning in the life of every individual in order to live on a basis of unity." Which are the facilities and accommodation available in Kalikalos? Basically we rent a 9 bedroom hotel. Besides that, there is one guest house with three rooms and four tents that provide basic and comfortable accommodation for all ages. We have an 8m diameter round group space for workshops, a yurt for healing sessions, a meditation sanctuary and tents. Which are the most popular holidays in Kalikalos? Kalikalos offers a great variety of projects which enhance the meaning of your holidays in Greece. Vipassana meditation and Yoga address to everyone and require no previous experience. August retreats are ideal for families, for single and coupled parents with kids from 6 to 16. We also have dance workshops, painting workshops and satsang sittings. The workshops were uniquely chosen to provide contemporary methods and techniques that will help visitors becoming familiar with their own self and have fun. What do you think Kalikalos has to offer to people today? Kalikalos offers people the chance to participate in authentic community and to experience holistic living. This might be working in the garden or cleaning the kitchen and the house they live in, in other words activities that can be fun and fulfilling. An authentic community is indeed the touchstone for a new culture of peace, partnership and sustainability. Why did you choose Pelion as your base? Actually Pelion chose me. I was traveling around Greece for many years to try and find a place to start this project. In the autumn of 2000, I found myself in the beautiful location of Pelion and realized that this place has great potential. Every year I come to love it more and more and admire the resources of this region. It uniquely combines the lush green ecosystem with gorgeous white sandy beaches, far from the massive tourist crowds featuring the authenticity of Greece. What do volunteers do in Kalikalos? They coordinate all the work areas, the meals, the garden, and they develop and evolve the holistic model of living and working as one. They drive guests down and back from the beach at Agios Ioannis, do the shopping, make pickups from Volos bus, train and airport, and they create a strong community. Volunteers learn the value of open communication and the path of service.