Museums in Meteora

Meteora can easily be characterized as a complex of museums considering their historical legacy. This holy place is, in fact, a living museum itself with a unique cultural interest and religious significance. The monasteries-museums of Meteora are literally an integral part of nature and history of Greece that span over ten centuries.

These architectural masterpieces host various ecclesiastical treasures, miraculous icons, and items that relate to the ascetic life of the monks. The monasteries that definitely stand out in Meteora are the 12th-century Roussanou Monastery with an important collection of relics and remarkable frescoes. The Great Meteoron is also of diachronic interest revealing its magnificent icons which depict Christ and other saints from the Byzantine period.

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Museum of Natural History

The Museum of Natural History and the Mushroom Museum of Meteora opened in November 2014. It is located in the center of Kalambaka and presents a large collection of birds, mammals, and mushrooms from the region of Meteora.

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