Meteora Antichassia Natural Park

The Antichassia Natural Reserve in Meteora: The Antichassia- Meteora Natural Reserve is situated close to Kalambaka town. It covers an area of almost 830 hectares. This reserve is home to various species of flora and fauna. A considerable area of the Natural Reserve is covered by Mediterranean deciduous trees (Quercetalia pubescent). At higher altitudes, there are small areas covered by vegetation of the beech variety.

Some of the fauna found in the Antichassia Reserve include birds of prey, like Griffon vultures, Egyptian vultures, eagles, black kites and buzzards. The population of these rare species has been declining at an alarming rate in recent decades, causing serious concern to environmentalists. The main reasons are illegal hunting and the disturbance caused by mountain climbers. Visitors though will find the Antichassia-Meteora Natural Reserve an ideal area for trekking. They are, however, advised to be sensitive to the fragile ecology of the area.