Thessaly Architecture

Information about the Architecture in Thessaly, in Greece but also information about Greek architecture in many locations of the region: The Thessaly architecture is depicted in all mountainous and seaside spots of the region. The impressive monastic community of Meteora, the imposing Olympos, the highest mountain of Greece and the picturesque Pelion are some of the jewels of this prefecture.

Most villages in Thessaly offer a fascinating combination of the sea and the rocky landscape creating a rare scenery that can be seen throughout the whole year. One of the places that stand out in the area is the picturesque Pelion and its historic villages perched in the high mountains. The natural beauty of Pelion matches perfectly with the old stone-built mansions most of which were founded during the Turkish occupation. The flourishing gardens are an integral part of the houses while the region is known for its rich vegetation amongst other features. Huge plane trees rise in the middle of the squares, a plethora of old churches and traditional features characterize the entire area of Pelion.

Of outstanding interest in Thessaly is the monastic community of Meteora, the famous group of Byzantine monasteries that stand on top of the huge stone pillars, close to Kalambaka. Its natural wild landscape is beyond imagination until one actually reaches the monasteries through its stone paths and enjoys the spectacular view of the neighboring religious sites and phenomenal grey pillars.

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