Nafpaktos Botanical Garden Zelios Gi

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Location: Aidoni Gavrolimni

The Botanical Garden Zelios Gi is ideal for spending time in nature and joining a variety of activities.
It is located 30 minutes from Nafpaktos by car. The Garden took a decade to create and it has been open to the public since 2019.

The 1000m2 estate includes gardens, vineyards and animal housing facilities. There are 6 beautifully arranged gardens in total, with over 3500 plants that are continuously growing. You will find various species of seasonal plants, flowers and herbs, as well as deer and other animals in an environment with a peaceful atmosphere.

Special events are regularly organized, including pottery or gardening and other special workshops for children that are based on the Montessori learning method.

The opening hours are 09:00 - 17:00, from Thursday to Sunday.

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