Travel in time with the 50s Cruise

Jul 07, 2012 — Jul 08, 2012 • Category: Events
For two entire days, on July 7th and 8th, the town of Nafpaktos will return many decades back. The 50's Cruise Festival will travel the town back in the 1950s, at the time of wild Rock&Roll dancing! For 36 hours, the inhabitants and visitors of Nafpaktos will experience the joy of after-war period. Colours, smiles, music, Hawaiian shirts, flowers at the head, milkshakes on the beach and much dancing on the streets! The events of the 50's Cruise will take place in various parts of the town. On Saturday and Sunday morning, there will be beach parties in the main beach of Nafpaktos with vintage bazaar, dancing and music. In the afternoon, the party will be transfered to the central square of the town with concerts of the band Duo Jet Band and the Italians "Dale Rocka & the Volcanoes". On Saturday night, a great after party event will follow at the club WALL with live concert of Hirollers and music from the group Rollin' Foxes. In fact, this group is organizing this entire festival. Parallel events will take place all over Nafpaktos, including free dancing courses (Rock&Roll, Mambo, Chacha) and movie shows in the open cinema. In detail, the schedule of the festival is as follows: Saturday, July 7th, 2012 12.00-15.00: Beach Party with Dj Manos K 15.00-18.30: Beach Cool with Dj Kostas Dps Vintage Bazaar @ Mayo beach bar 17.30-19.30: Dance Lessons Nafpaktia Room, Mambo & Chacha by Paso Latino Amarillis Vintage Hotel, Rock&Roll by Rollin' Foxes 18.30-19.30 Dj Agglos 19.30-20.30: The Duo Jet Band live 21.00-23.00: Dale Rocka & the Volcanoes live (Italy) In the square above the port of Nafpaktos 24.00-05.00: After Midnight Rock&Roll Party @ Wall Club Djs: Agglos, Manos K, Kostas Dps 01:00 Hirollers live Sunday, July 8th, 2012 12.00-18.30: Beach Party with Djs Manos K and Kostas Dps Vintage Bazaar @ Mayo beach bar