Nafpaktos Platanitis beach

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General information

Platanitis beach Nafpaktos: The beach of Platanitis is located 7 km south west of Nafpaktos. Platanitis tends to be a calm beach and has crystal clear waters great for swimming, while it is also really picturesque offering nice views. It is an ideal location where to enjoy the characteristic sunny weather of Nafpaktos and have relaxing strolls around the area.

There is a camping site and some comfortable accommodation options, which promote their nice view to this beach, along with the view to the Rio-Antirio Bridge. The combination of both sights is amazing, and the existence of good accommodation options allows for enjoying it every day when waking up, especially during the sunset, when everything seems to be dyed with orange-pink shades. Come to this beautiful beach, and relax while you swim in the crystalline waters, or stare at the nice view.

Platanitis beach Map

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