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Information about Galatas

Galatas village Mesolongi: The village of Galatas is located at a distance of 15 km from Mesolongi. Consistently to the remaining tradition of many Greek villages, its main economic activities are related to agriculture, and it is practically untouched by manufacture industries, which affects in a positive way the cleanliness of its air and sea. After taking the road to Patras, Antirrio must be reached. Then, the road to Mesolongi is followed, and it appears a junction to Galatas. This village is at 222 km from Athens, and the trip takes almost two hours.

Fortunately, Galatas has an easy access to the National Highway. Regarding the available facilities Galatas counts on, there is a small store, a gas station and some good taverns. It also provides the convenience of being at just 10 km from the ancient site of Mesolongi. These advantages make it easy for Galatas to offer some accommodation options, like nice villas for rent, hotels and room rentals.

Another positive point of Galatas is the locations it is surrounded by. It has the mountain of Varasova to the north, which is very popular among mountaineering clubs and its caves constitute a great place of interest. To the south, the bay of Patraikos, while the nice beaches of Krioneri and Evinos River with its organised water sports to the west.

Krioneri offers many accommodation options as well, and it is visited by many climbers, although they in general prefer to camp on a flat section, where cliffs meet the sea. The fresh waters from the springs of this area are usually taken advantage of, as well as the close taverns. However, camping climbers usually head to Galatas for doing their shopping. Another interesting place is the ancient Kalidonia at 2 km distance.

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