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Evinochori village Mesolongi: Evinochori, also known as Evinohori, is a town located in the West Greece mainland, belonging to the Southern area of the Prefecture of Etolokarnania. Evinochori is placed within the municipality of Mesolongi. In fact, Evinochori has about 1700 inhabitants, so it is considered the second town in Mesolongi in connection to population rates.

River Evinos, flowing to the east of the town, has given its name to this settlement. It was just in the late years of the 20th century when this settlement was linked to these areas by a paved road. The residents are involved in the same economical activities as their ancestors used to, such as agriculture, fishing, and the manufacture of typical food related products. The current local residents have added tourism to this list but, fortunately, mass tourism has not reached the place yet. So, the place is pretty unspoiled.

The place offers a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere in which to taste the delicacies at the various restaurants in the town, or even do some sports in the two soccer clubs in the area, Kalydona and Evinos. Those who are fond of archaeology may also enjoy visiting the ruins of the ancient town nearby called Kalydona, which used to be a famous and prosperous city in Akarnania, today known as Etoloakarnania. Some people claim that Evinochori is the New Kalydona, but population research studies should be conducted to state that for sure.

The place is really worth a visit, and tourists who come here for relaxation and peaceful holidays never get disappointed. The stunning views North West to Arakynthos, South to the Peloponnese, East, to Varasova, make deep good impressions on tourist minds, and it is no surprise that they come back over and over again in their seek for solitude with all the comfort and the hospitality of this small town.

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