Mesolongi Museum of Trikoupis House

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The mansion that originally belonged to one of the major political families of modern Greece, the Trikoupis family, constitutes nowadays the Museum of Trikoupis House.

Located in the center of the city, the imposing mansion was erected in 1840 and is an aristocratic, two-floored edifice with an elegant garden. This is where Spiridon Trikoupis, a major politician of the early-founded Greek State, lived and thrived. The same house also hosted his son, Charilaos Trikoupis, one of the most important Greek diplomats and many times Prime Minister as well as his sister, Sofia. The mansion was donated to the Municipality of Mesolongi by the deputy K. Trikoupis in order to turn into a museum and visitors can see up close personal items, photographs, prizes and manuscripts of the family whose presence shaped the course of Greece’s modern political history.

The museum is situated at Triantafillou Spondi St. right across the Museum of Palamas, and the entrance to the grounds and the exhibition is free.



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