Mesolongi Sea Lake

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The Sea Lake of Mesolongi: If you would like to enjoy the calm sunsets and alluring sceneries of coastal Greece, there is the city of Mesolongi, capital of Aetoloakarnania on the western coast of Central Greece. Mesolongi, which is famous for its historic role in the Greek War of Independence, attracts a large number of tourists every year who come to see its scenic saltwater lagoon, also known as the sea lake of Mesolongi.

The lagoon of Mesolongi was formed from the creation of a sandy coastal ridge by the deposits of two rivers, Evinos and Acheloos. Louros, a sand ridge, lies between the lake and the sea of the Patraic Gulf. The delta of Evinos is found on the east of this plain while the delta of Acheloos is on the west.

Around the seawater lake, there is a picturesque swampy wetland with the lagoons canalizing the mainland. The area around the lake was colonized by fishermen who lived in cabins built on stilts and made of waterproof reeds. Some of these houses still remain today.

Tourists usually take a walk along the lagoons (you could also rent bicycles from local agencies), past a couple of forts built to defend the Turkish attack from the sea. There are the vast salt farms which play an important role in the Greek economy, along with the fishing industry. Vivariums along the lake farm produce fish, like eels and trouts.

Bird watching can be a rewarding experience especially around the farms, where you will find stilts and waders. Traditional taverns by the coast are popular for their smoked eels and fresh fish caught from the lake. An 8 km bus ride can take you along a scenic canal to the open sea beaches of Tourlida, along the gulf. Here you can relax under the hot sun while trying a hand at fishing. But make sure that you return to the lake to view the beautiful sunset.

These lagoons are of historic value to Greeks as they were used to transport supplies to the Greek camp during the fights against Turks, in the Greek War of Independence. They also attract eco-scientists and aquatic researchers who study the ecosystem of the lagoon, which consist of rare plants and animal species.



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