Mesolongi Folklore Museum

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Location: Town
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The Folklore Museum is an outstanding institution that aims not only to preserve but also showcase and promote the incredibly rich cultural and traditional heritance of Mesolongi as well as of the wider Aitoloakarnania region.

Located in the city center, close to the Museum of History and Art, the museum is hosted in an almost century-old building that has been preserved intact, to enhance the traditional atmosphere. The museum hosts more than 700 items that are representative of the entire prism of the daily life in past centuries, such as farming and fishing tools, household utensils for cleaning, cooking and knitting, old traditional clothing and special costumes as well as furniture, decorative ornaments, jewelry, musical instruments of famous local artists and historic weapons.

There is also a selection of vintage items such as gramophones, old phone devices and radios, while visitors have the opportunity to admire paintings by celebrated Greek artists such as Mantas and Sorogas. The exhibition is accompanied by rich photographic material to help guests envision how everyday life used to be in the past, while the museum frequently organizes cultural and artistic events.



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