Museums in Mesolongi

The museums that adorn the town of Messolongi interpret the different aspects of the town's rich political and cultural history through the modern Greek history. One of the oldest neoclassical houses in Messolongi houses the Museum of Spiridon and Harilaos Trikoupis (once prime ministers of Greece). Inside you will see many items from their personal collection, photos, and historical documents.

Of great interest is also the Moschandreou Art Gallery and the Municipal Gallery that showcase a great collection of artworks including paintings, carvings, and sculptures from the 20th century. In Etoliko, you can visit the Museum of Vasso Katraki, a place dedicated to the personal work of the artist, unique in the world for her stone engraving techniques.

In Messolongi was also located the home of the renowned poet Kostis Palamas. In close proximity lies the house of the poet which is now a museum dedicated to his life and work. Some of the poet's personal belongings and a sample of his work are now on display.