Churches in Mesolongi

The area of Messolongi, known as the town of freedom for its important role in the Greek revolution is actually the perfect starting point for a visitor to discover the Christian monuments and Byzantine churches.

At the picturesque slopes of Mt Zygos, 8 km from the town lies the monastery of Saint Symeon. It was founded during the Turkish occupation, in 1740 and it was the meeting place of the men who survived the Greek revolution. Today a large feast is held in the memory of those who died in the Exodus. The active female convent hosts some interesting frescoes and it is worth a visit for its beautiful surroundings.

Agios Spyridon is the saint patron of Messolongi and the starting point of the exodus celebrations that take place every year. The parade ends at the garden of Heroes, right outside of where lies the church of Agia Paraskevi.

Built in 1804, over the ruins of a Christian basilica, Panagia Finikias is small church outside Messolongi, on the way to Etoliko giving access to the calm waters of the lagoon. This is the place where Lord Byron visited quite often during his lifetime, seeking relaxation. The historical church is dedicated to the Virgin Mary.