Gradually covered by water

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According to scientists of the National Polytechnic School, Mesolongi is one of the first towns in Greece that will be affected from the rise of the sea level. Quarters of this lovely town, built entirely between sea lakes, will be submerged in the next decades, due to the climatic change and the melting of the ice in the poles. Following the destiny of Maldives and Venice, Mesolongi will soon see large parts of its city covered with water. This will certainly affect the social and economic life of the residents, many of whom make their income from fishing in the lake. Apart from the climatic change, Mesolongi also faces a "local" danger. The rivers that flow into the sea lakes have their springs in the mountains and along their way, they drift traces from cultivations, leading to the eutrophication of the lake and destroying the natural habitat. Scientists stress that it is very important to control the situation and manage the human activities that threaten the sea lake.