Mesolongi Castle of Kyra Rini

The Castle of Kyra Rini in Mesolongi: The Castle of Kyra Rini is located very close to Mesolongi and it is almost entirely ruined today. This medieval castle was built on the site of ancient Pleuron, a famous town of the area which was totally destroyed by the king Demetrius I the Macedon, or else Demetrius the Besieger in the 4th century BC.

According to Homer, the residents of ancient Pleuron led by King Thoas took part in the Trojan War. No remains from the ancient town have been found, but there are some remains from later towns, such as parts of a reservoir, a theatre, and some ruined gates.

Reaching the Castle of Kyra Rini can be done through a track road. It is difficult for a car to go there but there is a signposted path to trek. The castle is located northwest of Mesolongi, on the edge of Mount Arakynthos, and it can be seen from away. The 3km wall that survives today has 36 towers and 7 gates.

This castle took its name from Kyra Rini (Lady Irene), the daughter of the Byzantine emperor Alexius Paleologus and wife of Emperor Andronicus. The legend says that there are three big boxes hidden in the ruins of the castle: the two boxes are filled with gold and the third with snakes that guard the treasury.