Delphi Geography

Constructed on top of a hill overlooking the entire region, Delphi is one of the most famous archaeological sites in Greece with a history dating from the prehistoric times. This oracle dedicated to Apollo, the god of light and prophecy, was the most visited oracle in Greece and people from all over the Mediterranean would come to ask for help. It needs some climbing up to get to the actual site, which stands on top of a rocky hill.

The hill offers a great view of the valley beneath, which is full of olive trees. In fact, the olive groves of the region around Delphi is among the best quality in Greece. Other vegetation around Delphi includes pine trees, plane trees and other forestal trees that grow in the high mountains surrounding Delphi.

The geography of Delphi is very interesting and matches perfectly with its historical background. The closest village to the ancient site is Delphi at a distance of 2 km, while other towns in the area include Amfissa, Itea, and Galaxidi.In fact, Galaxidi is a popular tourist village for both winter and summer vacations. The closest beaches are Agioi Pantes and Tolofonas, with a large sandy coastline.

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