Festival of Saint George in Arachova

Apr 28, 2019 — May 01, 2019 • Category: Events
It has been characterized as one of the most authentic Greek festivals. Indeed, there is no other festival similar to it across Greece!
Saint George festival, which lasts for 3 days, is organized in honor of Saint George, the patron of Arachova.
So, what happens during the festival? On the first day, the cannonades signal the feast's outset. After that, the whole village follows the litany dressed in traditional costumes. On the second day, after men of all ages have run on an uphill road leading to the field where the battle of Arachova between the Greeks and the Turks took place in 1826, the locals enjoy lambs roasted in pits, for the first time after Easter!
This original event is one of the few left that honor the Greek folk tradition and pass it over to the next generations, that;s why it;s a pole of attraction for both locals and tourists.
If you want to visit Arachova, we recommend to plan your trip around the Festival of Saint George!