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General information

Antikyra beach Arachova: The beach of Antikyra, as well as it surroundings are some of the most beautiful spots in Viotia prefecture. It can be found at 2 km from Antikyra village, south of Arachova, west of Distomo, and east of Desfina. The beach of Antikyra has crystal waters and beautiful surrounding. Antikyra has became a Summer resort that attracts many tourists every year. They can choose among the many hotels and rooms rentals when it comes to lodging options, apart from counting on other facilities such as taverns and restaurants.

This 500m long beach is really special surrounded by mountains, olive trees, mulberries, and cypresses that are part of its varied flora. It is good to remark that apart from all the amusing options this beach counts on, there are also educational activities that point to emphasize the need to take care of this paradise environment, like drawing exhibitions, fishery seminars, and beach cleaning.

The visit to the beach of Antikyra can be taken advantage of for strolling around the nice village of Antikyra, which provides very nice views and different landscapes. The fact of being close to Athens and Delphi is another positive fact when planning excursions around the area, as well as the possibility to visit the great monastery of Ossios Loukas, found at just 20 min. Among the traditional villages that surround the location of Antikyra, we find Livadia and Galaxidi, both of them with great beaches as well, and they are at a distance of around 25 km. All this area counts on good tourist amenities, while the hospitality of the local people is quite remarkable.

Whether getting established on Antikyra village and being next to this beautiful beach, or occasionally visiting it from the close Arachova and the other surrounding locations, you will surely enjoy its great waters, as well as the surrounding natural landscapes.



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