Skyros Acherounes

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General information

Acherounes village Skyros: Acherounes is a fantastic tourist resort situated on the west coast of central Skyros. It is about 10 km south of the capital. The village is easily accessible.

Because of the presence of natural sceneries and nice facilities, lots of visitors flock here during the hot summer. In this tourist resort, you will find a number of cafes and bars. One can see here coloured boats floating on the bay. You can avail routine trips on them conducted to roam around the island. Quite a variety of rooms are available for a pleasant stay in the coastal resort.

Acherounes has a very attractive beach with clean blue waters and soft golden sand, and children can swim safely there. The stunning landscape along with the superb sea views towards the nearby islets of Skyropoula, Valax and Renae impart the look of a splendid canvass painting.



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