Skyros Atsitsa beach

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General information

Atsitsa beach Skyros: Atsitsa beach is quite popular on the island of Skyros. With a couple of taverns nearby, which offer scrumptious food, the beach does not provide many amenities, such as towels or umbrellas.

The beach is dotted with rocks along the water, and provides a good place to sit, as the waves splash against you. There are a few trees nearby, but do not enough to provide substantial shade, so do carry your umbrella, or a good sunscreen.

As it is not very crowded, Atsitsa beach is therefore an excellent choice for some moments of relaxation. The sea is quite shallow, though not very safe for unattended children. Although not the best in Skyros, you can have a nice time if you accommodate nearby or you happen to pass by.

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