4th Folklore Dance Festival in late August

Aug 27, 2016 — Aug 29, 2016 • Category: Events

The 4th Folklore Dance Festival Diamantis Paleologos takes place from August 27th to 29th, 2016. This annual event is organized every year at the end of summer and is dedicated to the folklore dance teacher Diamantis Paleologos. More than 600 dancers and 20 dancing groups from various cities of Greece and Cyprus participate in this festival, dressed in traditional customes that are different for every region.

Their impressive dance performances take place at the open air municipal theatre at the Old Port of Skopelos Town. Each one of these three nights, there will be traditional dancing performances with live music. The programme of the festival also includes open rehearsals, Greek dancing workshops, free dancing classes for foreigners, traditional feasts and parties. There will also be parades of the dancing groups around the streets of Skopelos Town, accompanied by musicians.

The festival is held under the auspices of the Hellenic National Commission for Unesco and the Municipality of Skopelos.