Pirate Graves in Skopelos

The Pirate Graves in Skopelos: The legend says that on the location Sendoukia at Mount Karia, Skopelos, there are the graves of pirates. In fact, on this spot, there are ancient graves carved on the rocks. In the Medieval ages, the legendary pirate Barbarossa tried to plunder the island but the locals managed to defend themselves.

The pirates who died in the battle were engraved in these ancient tombs in Mount Karia, along with 12 chests of gold. The legend says that these engraved pirates have become ghosts to protect the gold. This location with the pirates' graves is found above the Monastery of Saint Efstathios. The last part of the road is dirt and some walking will be needed, but the view will be breathtaking, spreading till Alonissos and Evia.