Skiathos Megas Gialos beach

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General information

Megas Gialos beach: The beach of Megas Gialos is on the north-eastern coast of Skiathos, to the south of Nikotsara beach and to the north of Xanemo beach. It is a beautiful beach with fine white sand and some pebbles. The seafloor is quite rocky but the water is crystal blue. Megas Gialos is surrounded by steep, verdant slopes which offer imposing views to the Aegean Sea.

The small and isolate beach of Megas Gialos is ideal for relaxing and enjoying some peace. It is also great for snorkeling and, in fact, this is where the diving centre of the island organizes some of its activities. There aren't many facilities around this beach because it is difficult to access. There is a dirt road leading to Megas Gialos. Otherwise, you can go by boat.

Megas Gialos Map

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