Sporades Architecture

Information about the Architecture of Sporades islands, in Greece but also information about Greek architecture in many islands of the group: vegetation, rocky landscapes, and green waters illuminate the entire Sporades islands complex providing visitors an idyllic setting for an unforgettable vacation. The characteristic architecture is present in each and every one of these islands starting from Skopelos island, the most picturesque of all. The whitewashed houses, narrow paths and preserved buildings against the amazing green background constitute a unique combination that attracts hundreds of tourists.

Skopelos itself is a perfect theme for your photos, with picturesque and well-hidden neighborhoods that one discovers while strolling through its labyrinth of alleys, whitewashed houses, countless churches and the Venetian castle on top. Within close distance is the peaceful island of Alonissos island, famous for its natural beauty and clean beaches. The local architecture is closely associated with the Venetian culture who built the castle at the top of the hill but the traditional features are also present especially in the village of Votsi.

Another example of Sporades architecture is the cosmopolitan Skiathos island with its beautiful traditional houses between the two ports. Finally, there is Skyros island, the largest island of the Sporades complex which very much resembles the Cycladic architecture.

The Venetian presence is apparent in the local design and surviving castles. The islands of the Sporades complex are a delight, guarding their unique beauty, traditional culture, and architecture.

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