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Steni Vala Village Alonissos: The minor population of Steni Vala consists of a few families, most of whom are engaged in fishing and trade. The village is located 10 km north east of Patitiri, the capital of Alonissos. A narrow inlet is located just opposite the little settlement, reminding of a small fjord, and slowly developing into a tourist resort. In Steni Vala, one will also find the Monk Seal Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre, housed in a small hut on the beach.

Hotels in Steni Vala

4 Epoches

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4 Seasons is a wonderful hotel with a pool, which was built in 2011 and is located at Steni Vala, within distance 10klm from the main port of Alonnisos. The visitor feels the hospitality and the warmth from the first moment. Having a pool bar, a roof garden, a lounge bar, a restaurant, a sweet water pool, a gym, a parking lot, a playground for the little visitors and of course elegant and practical rooms, ‘4 Seasons’ promises an unforgettable stay.

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Agnantema Villas

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Villa Agnantema set on hillside just above Glyfa beach and the village of Steni Vala. The green natural surroundings, the uninterrupted view to the Aegean Sea combine to make this a unique spot. Villa Agnantema set in an olive grove with the lush nature of Alonnisos. You can enjoy scenery views to the neighbouring islands and dramatic sunsets.

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Anatoli Villa

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Villa Anatoli is situated in the area of STENI VALA. This charming Villa is fully air conditioned. It has two splendid bedrooms, a comfortable kitchen, a bathroom and a cozy living room with a T.V.

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