Spetses Kasteli

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General information

Kasteli Village Spetses: Kasteli lies on the slopes of Profitis Ilias and it is the oldest district of Spetses Town. It was first built in the 17th century and was destroyed by the Turks in 1770 as a punishment for the participation of the inhabitant to the Peloponnesian revolt, also called the Orlov revolt because it was started by the Orlov brothers, during the Russo-Turkish war.

Today Kastelli is full of box-shaped traditional two-storey Spetsiot houses with clay tile roofs, large coloured windows and jasmine and citrus gardens surrounded by pebble mosaic alleys and a courtyard. The church of Agia Triada (Holy Trinity) with its marvellous wood carved iconostasis, the 19th century Chapel of Evangelismos with its double bell tower and the remains of some Venetian fortifications nearby the Church of Agios Vassilis are the places worth visiting in Kastelli.



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