3rd Tweed Run in April

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Spetses are getting ready to host the 3rd Tweed Run on April 15th-17th, 2016. Once more the British finesse will meet the elegance of Spetses island on this fun bicycle ride that distinguishes for the impressive stylish participations, vintage bicycles, spring flavors and sea breeze.

In Tweed Run, an institution that started from London in 2009 and was later continued in New York and Tokyo, participants wear vintage clothes with emphasis on tweed fabric, get on elegant bicycles and spend a relaxing weekend with friends or strangers.

The 1st Tweed Run in Spetses, which was also the 1st in Greece, took place in 2014 to celebrate the 100 years of the historical Poseidonion Grand Hotel of Spetses. This year, on April 15th, the hotel will also welcome participants and will invite them to drink hot tea, enjoy pick nick in the nature, have style contests, take part in the treasure hunt and live the surprises of the 3rd Tweed Run.