Spetses Armata Festival

Jan 01, 1970 — Jan 01, 1970 • Category: Events

Following the tradition and thematology of Miaoulia Festival, Spetses island is celebrating in its own way the legendary victory of the Greek Independence War warriors against the Turkish fleets. The festival takes place during the second weekend of September and includes one whole week of celebrations. The celebration is named after Panagia Armata (another name for Virgin Mary) and a special mass is realized in the church of Panagia Armata in the Old Harbor and Agios Nikolaos to honor the festival, since religion and history are indispensably connected in Greek tradition.
On the 8th of September 1822, the Greek fleets managed to beat down the Turkish ones in a struggling battle in the glorious Naval Battle of Spetses. Along with other fleets, Kosmas Barbatsis managed to sink the opponent’s boat and blow it up in the port of Spetses. T his victory was very important since it stopped Turks from reaching Spetses and made them retreat.
During the festival, there is a vibrant re-enactment of the battle with an actual blowing of a custom-built ship, followed by fireworks that flood the sky and create the most impressive spectacle. Spectators can enjoy a marvellous happening and enjoy the various festivities and traditional feasts that follow the event.
Spetses island is strongly connected to the sea throughout history and it now features two ports where sailboats and yachts anchor. The landscape of Spetses is decorated with pine trees and a rich and rare flora. Certainly, if you happen to be in Spetses during September, you should attend the event!