Armata Festival 2023

Sep 08, 2023 — Sep 15, 2023 • Category: Events

Every year since 1931, the locals commemorate their ancestors’ heroism by reviving the Battle of Spetses (Armata). The naval combat took place in September of 1822 and was of pivotal importance for the Greek War of Independence.

Captain Andreas Miaoulis and the captains of Spetses, Hydra, and Psara islands fought against the Turkish naval forces, while the brave Kosmas Barbatsis from Spetses set fire to the adversary flagship, making the Turks retreat and marking the win for the Greeks. The people of Spetses attributed their victory to the help of the Virgin Mary (Panagia); hence, they named the quaint chapel lying in the Old Port “Panagia Armata”.

The festivities take place annually around September 8 and last a week. Those include several events and culminate in the reenactment of the battle along with a narration of the historical events amid an engaging spectacle of fireworks and sparklers.
Thousands of guests are welcomed in Spetses to witness that one-of-a-kind celebration, while hundreds of residents participate in the events.