Armata Festival 2010

Sep 06, 2010 — Sep 12, 2010 • Category: Events
The Festival of Armata is taking place next week on the historical island of Spetses, celebrating the setting on fire of the Turkish fleet on September 8th, 1822. This victory was very crucial for the deliberation of the island from the Turkish enemy, during the Greek War of Independence. Spetses is one of the 8 European cities that take place in the European Network of Historical Representations. On the same day, September 8th, there is the feast of Panagia Armata and the anniversary is celebrated with cultural events organized by the municipality of Spetses. The schedule of the celebration starts on Monday September 6th and finishes on Sunday September 12th. It consists of a photo exhibition entitled Wheat... means of survival and symbol of life, a music event with the orchestra Sinfonietta of Athens, traditional dancing and musical concerts with Greek singers. The events climax on Saturday, September 11th with the representation of Armata in the port of Spetses. On Sunday, September 12th, there will be a Glorious Mass in the Cathedral of Agios Nikolaos.