Armata Festival 2009

Sep 12, 2009 — Sep 12, 2009 • Category: Events
As every year, the Festival of Armata is taking place in Spetses island the second weekend of September. Along with the name day of Panagia Armata (the small chapel near the lighthouse), the locals celebrate another historical event: the setting on fire of the Turkish fleet by a local man in September 1822. Actually, on September 8th, 1822, the Turkish fleet was coming from Monemvasia to supply the residents of Nafplion with water and weapon. That time, Nafplion, which was in Turkish hands, was besieged by the Greeks from sea and land, so the city should in no way get supplies to make the situation worse. The Greek fleet with Admiral Andreas Miaoulis had as a mission to protect the sea passage to Nafplion, close to the islands of Hydra and Spetses. When the Turkish fleet approached the islands, a strong seafight started. That time the Spetsiote Kosmas Barbatsis rushed through the Turkish ships and cannons and reached the flagship of the enemy, setting it on fire. According to the tradition, the flagship was burnt and sunk in front of Spetses port. This action of decisive for the seafight, as it forced the Turkish fleet to retreat and Nafplion was deliberated by the Greeks 2 months later. To commemmorate this heroic action, every year the second weekend of September, the locals represent this action, setting on fire a ship in front of the harbor, while fireworks lighten up the sky. This year, this impressive festival will take place on Saturday, September 12th.