Spetses Anargyrios School

The Anargyrios and Korgialeneios School of Spetses: The Anargyrios and Korgialeneios School on Spetses was funded in 1927 and was named after its benefactors Sotirios Anargyrios and Marinos Korgialeneios. When the school originally opened, it had only 4 students but by the time the institution shut down in 1983, it had many graduates that worked in Greece and abroad in important posts. Note that the school had only male students.

Sotirios Anargyros was born in Spetses in 1849 to a wealthy and powerful family. After many years of traveling, he settled in America in 1883 where he set up a cigarette manufacturing unit. He later sold the company and returned to Spetses where he lived until his death in 1918. The Anargyrios Mansion is a remarkable Neoclassical structure and was used as part of the school complex which also housed a theater and many sports facilities.

Marinos Korgialenios, a businessman, was born in 1830 in Argostoli, Kefalonia. During the 1860s, he was setting up companies in London and Marseilles and also banking houses. Following his death in 1910 his estate was used for national, social and educational concerns. He also left behind a large sum of money which helped to establish the school.