Poros Folklore Museum

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Location: Town
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The Folklore Museum of Poros offers a special inside look at the life of its citizens during previous eras. The museum is located in the heart of the main town of Poros, across from the newly-built dock, in the Syggros building. It was established in 2007 by Poriotissa, the cultural association of the women of Poros. The museum is fairly small, simply a one-storey building built with red and white stone. However, this small museum holds a significant part of Poros’ history.

The aim of the museum upon its establishment was to showcase the everyday life of the citizens of Poros and preserve its folkloric history through its exhibits, which remain untouched by time to this day. These exhibits include everyday items like kitchenware and utensils, vintage farming tools, antique pieces of furniture, a loom, embroideries, and even traditional outfits.

The carefully put-together exhibits of the museum have been either donated or acquired through auction. They are a prime example of folklore art and culture from along-vanished era.



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