New findings in ancient Troizen

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New findings were excavated in the ancient cemetery of Troizen, a town close to Poros, Saronic. The town was first mentioned in Homer's Heliad and, due to its closeness to Athens, it flourished as a naval base. According to mythology, it was the homeland of Theseus, the famous hero who fought Minotaurus. Its inhabitants took part in many wars on the side of Athens and during the Persian Wars, the residents of Athens found refugee in Troizen from the Persian soldiers. The new excavations on the eastern part of the ancient cemetery of Troizen revealed the tombs of two chidlren, one from the 8th and the other from the 7th century B.C. Inside these tombs, there were offerings and favourite items of these children that their parents put in the tombs to accompany them. These items include copper fedders, stone dolls with moveable limbs and tiny statues representing Cupid as a child. In other tombs of adults, more statues were found as well as wine vessels, amphorae, arrows and compasses that depict the rich nautical tradition of ancient Troizen.