Hydra Water Taxis

The Water Taxis of Hydra: As wheeled vehicles are forbidden on the island of Hydra, you cannot use a car or a motorbike for your transportation. The best way to avoid walking (especially long distances) is water taxis i.e. small motorboats that transfer people from one place to another. All water taxis are owned by individuals and the drivers/captains all have mobile phones so that visitors can make a reservation by phone.

Water taxis are located on the east side of the harbor, next to the flying dolphins and catamarans. Individuals can hire one to go to the different parts along the coast of Hydra, to the mainland, or to the nearby islands. In addition, there is a phone that you can use for free if there are no water taxis available at that moment.

In Hydra, water taxis have no meter and no official tariff. All drivers/captains have formed an association that sets the price and all boats are supposed to have the same fare. Rates should also be displayed inside the boat and the final cost is based on the route and the number of people on the boat. Note that a water taxi can seat about 10 people. You can determine how many people you want on the boat and can even charter the entire taxi.
The association has one phone, answered by the taxi driver who is free at the time. Individuals can call at 0030 22980 53690.
Note: Watch out for drivers who want to charge double for more than one group on board.

Visitors who may decide to go to isolated spots, like Molos Beach, should keep in mind to arrange a time for the boat to pick them up. There are no telephones in such locations so they will not be able to call the taxis to tell them what time to pick them up.
Also, guests staying at Kamini, Vlichos, or Mandraki will have to take a water taxi to move around.

You can use the water taxis to enjoy the clear water that surrounds Hydra as there are no major industries on the island to pollute the waters. While waiting for the boat, you can watch local fishermen organize their nets.