Melina Merkouri Auditorium

Melina Merkouri Auditorium in Hydra, in the Saronic: The Auditorium Melina Merkouri, also known as The Exhibition and Concert Municipal Hall Melina Merkouri on the island of Hydra, is used for art exhibitions and as a conference center. It is located along a quay and looks like two buildings connected to one another. It has become a tourist spot popular for its display of paintings by famous artists.

The hall is named after Melina Mercouri, who was a famous Greek actress, singer, and politician. Apart from an actress, Melina Merkouri was an activist before she became a politician. She was elected to the Greek parliament in 1977 and became the first woman to hold a Greek Cabinet post. She was the Minister of Culture. She was married to director Jules Dassin until she died of lung cancer in New York City in 1994.

As an actress, she starred in the film Phaedra with Anthony Perkins and R. Vallone. It was filmed on the island of Hydra with her husband as the director. This film was a major hit in Europe and made the island famous all over the world.