Fire on Hydra

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The fire was pushed inland by a slight breeze from the north. Between 2:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. it had traveled along the coast towards Hydra town and behind the natural amphitheater. The fire continued unchecked throughout the night with efforts to put it out beginning with morning light this morning.
Smoke was billowing over the trees on the top ridge above Avia Matrona by 10:00 a.m. While helicopters and aircrafts relentlessly flew over head in an attempt to douse the flames they only succeeded in limiting the damage by concentrating efforts on spots that threatened buildings.
Four properties have reportedly been damaged so far. They were uninhabited at the time. More substantial damage has been seen in the valley to the north of Hydra town where all the pastures have been completely destroyed.
For the major part of the day the slight breeze helped in keeping the fire from the upper reaches of the town and Kamini. However, at dusk the breeze changed directions turning off the land. Plus, the overhead aircrafts ceased the water flow due to which the fires gathered momentum and spread down the eastern most valley towards the back of town.
Throughout the day, island emergency vehicles were seen driving back and forth evacuating the buildings thanks to an access road on this part of the island.
Fire-fighters  are working at Agios Konstandinos which perches on the top of the west cliff overlooking the town tonight with the objective to wet as much of the area as possible in case the flames leap the valley or the fire from the valley behind comes over the top and down into upper Kiaffa.
Further west the skyline had turned yellow above the pines behind the mill due to the fire raging in the inland valley. Ash had begun to fall on terraces as far away as the houses around the Haramis Windmill in Kamini. The electricity on the island has been cut off as a precautionary measure. A boat of fire-fighters wielding equipment have been delivered to the island for further assistance.