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Floating buoy for cruise ships to anchor

• Saronic, Hydra
A new work, the construction of a floating buoy, will give to cruise ships the chance to approach the picturesque island of Hydra in the Saronic Gulf.
Posted on Apr 23, 2014 Category: News

Fire on Hydra

• Saronic, Hydra
The fire was pushed inland by a slight breeze from the north. Between 2:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. it had traveled along the coast towards Hydra town and behind the natural amphitheater.
Posted on Jul 25, 2007 Category: News

Christos Karas and his ties to the island

• Saronic, Hydra
An exhibition of the paintings of renowned Greek artist Christos Karas is being held at the Historic Archive Museum of Hydra in order to celebrate the establishment of the Christos Karas - Hydra Foundation
Posted on Jul 13, 2007 Category: News

Environment in Danger

• Saronic, Hydra
The residents of Hydra are deeply concerned about the threat to the natural and residential environment of the island due to massive tourism and poor ecological planning.
Posted on Jul 09, 2007 Category: News

Attempts to purchase protected island of Dokos

• Saronic, Hydra
Cypriot business group is allegedly looking to build a tourist resort on the protected island of Dokos, which has valuable archaeological findings.
Posted on Apr 17, 2007 Category: News

Antiquities lying on the seabed

• Saronic, Hydra
Robert Ballard, a leading expert in the field of underwater exploration visited Greece a few months ago and warned Greeks about what is to come
Posted on Feb 04, 2005 Category: News